“LA TOSCANA” – the TUSCANY, in central Italy, is probably the epitome of Italian lifestyle. Even Goethe remarked: “Tuscany is not located in Italy, but Italy is in Tuscany.” How true, because this region unites everything that makes Italy: Dolce vita – the sweet life of Mediterranean cuisine, the finest olive oil and ruby red wines on relaxing summer evenings , idyllic landscapes – in reality even more beautiful than famous paintings make you believe – and the relics of a millenary history from the Etruscans to the Renaissance.

Tuscany – holidays for all senses

Tuscany awakens all senses: In the countryside, the scent of fresh herbs mixes with the sight of the shallow, cypress-covered hills with the harsh wholeness of a Chianti, while the evening sun warms the skin. In the cities, there is the typically Italian pulsating bustle. The taste of strong espresso mingles/merges with the diverse scents of the markets.

About 3.7 million people live on the approximately 23,000 square kilometers of Tuscany. In midsummer, it is still the retreat of stressed-out Romans, who escape the insupportable heat and confusion of the city to find some coolness and peace in the vast hilly landscapes of Tuscany. But not only the Italians appreciate the Tuscany. Tourists from all over the world come to the sun-drenched region to experience art and culture, country and people, nature and the inimitable pleasure of Italy. Tuscany offers everything.

Tuscan towns with unique charm

With only 360,000 inhabitants, Florence is the capital and the cultural highlight of Tuscany. Probably the most beautiful city in the world – if you believe in the Forbes magazine – the Arno River flows under historic bridges such as the “Ponte Vecchio”. The Florentine old town with its imposing architecture is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also since 2013, all the villas and gardens of the Florentine family Medici, which are scattered not only in and around Florence, but in many parts of Tuscany.

The renaissance is probably the most beautiful heir of the extinct Medici family and omnipresent in Florence. Not only for art lovers impressive are the art exhibitions in the Uffizi Gallery (Galleria degli Uffizi) and the Galleria dell’Accademia, where in addition to paintings from the 13th and 14th centuries Michelangelo’s David can also be admired. Next to Michelangelo, other famous Tuscan artists worked and lived in Florence: Leonardo da Vinci, Dante Alighieri or Sandro Botticelli, but also Galileo Galilei and Niccolò Machiavelli left their historic traces here. But Tuscany can also adorn itself with more modern, internationally known names, Giacomo Puccini is just as much a child of Tuscany as the Oscar-winning Roberto Benigni or the vocalist Gianna Nannini.

However, because of all the emotions about Florence, one should not forget the other major cities of Tuscany: Arezzo, Pisa and Siena are all very charming and worth a visit. The old town of Siena and the cathedral square of Pisa with its famous “Leaning Tower” are both World Heritage by UNESCO. Arezzo – from Benignis film “Life is beautiful” is not well known – but is still really a secret tip.

Landscapes where the eye reaches

Tuscany is full of scenery from the full: Not only the typical hills, overgrown with cypresses, olive groves or vines, shape the landscape. From splendid coastlines to the imposing Apennines, the spectrum ranges from touristy areas such as the cities or the famous Chianti to very primitive areas such as the Casentino, the upper Arno Valley just over 50 kilometers from Florence in the Province of Arezzo.

It’s no wonder that a holiday in Tuscany has something for everyone: Whether cultural city tour, endless hiking and nature exploration in the largest national park in Italy in Casentino, gourmet tours through wineries, olive oil and “Slow Food” manufacturers, sports holiday with golf, swimming Horseback riding or mountain biking or creative Italian language lessons, art, music or terra cotta workshops. Or everything together.

Holidays without borders

For flexible travel is a car – whether own or rental car – needed. But also with a motorcycle or for the sporty with a bike is Tuscany to explore. From Germany Florence is easy to reach by train or plane.

The accommodation ranges from exclusive to basic hotels through guesthouses to accommodation on managed farms or rural estates. Above all, Tuscany is a region of privately rented cottages and apartments in the countryside, which are available in all sizes and features. Whether as a couple, with the whole family or in large groups, the true Italian way of life and individual holidays can be best enjoyed in Tuscany.

 Offers range from absolute privacy in the Tuscan hills to large holidays facilities. From basic accommodations to luxurious villas. Many houses have a pool and some landlords even offer cooking classes for home-made pasta or nature excursions.

For the love of fresh ingredients

The agricultural history of Tuscany is also reflected in the food and drink. Red wine, olive oil and fresh, local products are the main ingredients of Tuscan cuisine.

Traditionally made cheese, sausage and ham specialties, homemade pasta, pizza, polenta and of course the red wine can be enjoyed everywhere in the Tuscan restaurants, but also in the small village shops or farm shops of the producers. This traditionally products allow a perfect match if enjoyed with the evening sun in the holiday home.